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The new in-house TaxReport for traders from eToro

Of course, when the new TaxReport from eToro was online, I was of course very pleased at first that my fight for a meaningful internationally usable report of the trading activities should finally bear fruit.

Unfortunately, far from it!

It took a few days until I got over the TaxReport and controlled it both with Torotax, with formula queries in the original bank statement, as well as by hand.

The conclusion is very sobering for me, because

  1. here were quite basic conditions not observed

  2. are given wrong values by reason no. 1

  3. ensures the statement of the values ​​in the tax return, should a bank statement times be checked by the tax authority, certainly discussions and difficulties of explanations.

  4. eToro has not managed to stick to its own rules

In my opinion it happens to anyone, who uses this "TaxReport" for his tax return, quite right, if he gets punished by tax authority for this.

I hope eToro can recognize the mistakes by themself and correct them immediately.

The original post can be found here: https://ogy.de/pjsm

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